Old Mutual Insure and insurtech startup Pineapple announced their agreement to cooperate in the local short-term insurance market. Pineapple, an innovative peer to peer insurer using state of the art technology, AI and a fantastic mobile app, was founded by Matthew Elan Smith, Ndabenhle Junior Ngulube and Marnus van Heerden, who launched their venture on 27 July 2018. On the brink of now launching motor insurance, the next step was to partner with a big brother, thereby combining insurtech innovation and agility with the experience and strength of a well-established insurer like Old Mutual Insure.

We interviewed Marnus Van Heerden at our Insurtech 2020 conference cocktail celebration, to get the inside story on this development. Insurtech is maturing and Pineapple is taking the lead. Watch this space.