Insurtech conference

Evolving Insurance.Forging Opportunities

Sometimes 140 characters is usually enough to make something clear. The misconception when defining insurtech has mostly been that people tended to think of it as only those innovative mobile apps aimed at getting millennials to buy insurance after seeing it on social media. Well, that’s not it. Insurtech is any technology that can be used in the insurance value chain. The types of technology might take turns in taking centre stage but, depending on where in the value chain you are, the tech that most interest you might differ vastly from what’s sexy at the moment.

At this year’s event we looked at insurtech from a broader perspective.  We focused on the current and future insurance environment, exploring strategy and the innovation process, as far as technology is concerned.

The main theme that connected most of the presentations naturally leaned towards digital platforms. It is clear that most companies do not have the budget to build their own, bespoke platforms to service all their technology needs, including the latest innovations. With the speed of innovation in this space, it’s impossible anyway. In marches digital platforms. Floating around in the clouds is a smorgasbord of innovative tech enablers, waiting to be harnessed in the quest for faster, cheaper and more user friendly processes in the insurance value chain.

Over the next few weeks we will be releasing video footage of the presentations as they are finalized as well as commentary on the various issues covered by the speakers. presentations.

We will open registration soon for Insurtech 2020.

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