About the session sponsor



Ellipsys , our session 7 sponsor for Insurtech 2022 – Making sense of Fintech innovations. View more about Martin Pieterse who is on the session 7 panel, and get to know more about Ellipsys below:

Ellipsys provides end to end software solutions to cater for all your enterprise requirements.

Ellipsys has been actively involved in the insurance software industry since 2000 in Property & Casualty, Warranty, Value Added Products and Commercial lines of business.

We have been extensively involved in dealer-based warranty and VAPS business where we have been recognised as a leader in data integration.

We have taken our experience in insurance to enable us to build Ellipsys EvolveTM. Ellipsys Evolve provides an Insurance Platform that provides full end to end functionality for Insurers, Administrators and Brokers

The Insurance Platform provides a comprehensive set of modules:

  • Black Box Rating Engine;
  • Policy Administration
    • Product Management;
    • Agent Management;
    • Client Management; and
    • Policy Management.

  • Claims Administration
    • Supplier Management; and
    • Claims Management;

  • Financial Administration;
    • Collections and Unmet Management;
    • Credit Control;
    • Commission Management;
    • Bordereau Management;
    • Financial EDI Management;
    • Claims and Supplier Payments;
    • GL Integration; and
    • Corporate Finance Management.
  • Client Care Administration
    • Client Query Management;
    • Complaint Management; and
    • Client Servicing.
  • Call Centre Administration
    • Sales Call Centre Management; and
    • Retention and unmet Management.
  • Document Management
    • Document Designer;
    • Document Generation and Distribution; and
    • Document Repository.
  • Report Management
    • Report Designer;
    • Automated Reporting; and
    • Adhoc Reporting.
  • Data Integration Engine
    • Third Party API Integration;
    • Policy Interfaces;
    • Claims Interfaces;
    • Financial Interfaces;
    • Bank Interfaces; and
    • Data extracts.
  • Evolve Black Swan – Remote Workforce Management
    • Performance Management;
    • Task Auditing; and
    • Executive Summary Dashboards by Email.
  • Evolve Academy
    • Evolve Classroom;
    • Evolve Exam Hall; and
    • Evolve Survey System

Evolve has streamlined efficiency as a core principle in the Insurance Platform allowing for quicker access to items that have recently been worked on, or that are frequently worked on.

Martin is an Electronic Engineer that realised that the purpose of technology is to support business.  After completing a Master’s Degree in Commerce, Martin specialised in IT Project Management with the focus of executing technology projects to achieve strategic business objectives. 

Martin’s role in Ellipsys is to assist clients with identifying the appropriate technology and process solutions to meet their business objectives and to ensure successful implementation of the Evolve Insure Platform to support client technology transformation.