Nick Evans – CEO & Co – Founder wiCover 
Nick Evans from wiCover presented as part of the InsurTech start-ups and reflected on their journey so far and creating powerful digital customer experiences.
Nick started off by reinforcing wiCover’s value proposition of combining the agility of a start up with the power of established Insurance and large customer base, together they are able to deliver world class insurance solutions that deliver powerful customer experiences. wiCover is not trying to be an insurance company, they are the tech in InsurTech. wiCover partners with insurance companies to enable digital services to their customers.
The wiCover journey has been 2 years in the making and has seen the team accessing both local and international markets. wiCover has offices and clients in both South Africa and Australia from where they service their existing clients. Nick then moved onto what wiCover has learnt over their 2 year journey and he emphasised that “technology changes quickly, insurance companies do not”. Sales cycles are long and staying engaged through building the partnerships can be frustrating, but they are worth it in the long run. wiCover has also learnt to “ignore the noise and focus on what we set out to do” Insurers often ask if wiCover can solve this technology problem, or that data problem, but the art of saying no means you are able to deliver on your promises. Nick then focussed on the “why” for wiCover – lowering the cost to connect, improving the returning customer journey, create more sales opportunities and increase engagement.
wiCover then focussed on their definition of digital – “digital is the use of data to better serve customers” and this leads up to the focus of Nick’s presentation – The Customer is King! By focussing on what pain points you want to solve for your customers by introducing digital services, it is easier to provide solutions and create measurable results. wiCover has partnered with TransUnion to provide pre – fill customer data at the onboarding stage to create quick quotes without providing more than a few data fields. wiCover has also partnered with Claim Central Africa to enable the latest claim technology solutions to be integrated with the customer facing digital assets to further boost the customer experience. And with focussing on the customer experience and providing digital services, wiCover also integrated with Global Choices to enable concierge and assistance service through one touch emergency alerts from app directly to case managers for swift and accurate response.
wiCover finished off their talk by displaying some of the digital tools that they provide to their clients and the various digital services and integrations that they are able to provide. Nick reinforced in closing that wiCover are front – end customer engagement specialists that enable digital services to create powerful customer experiences. Digital self – service places the customer in control and provides them with a choices as to how they want to consume their insurance products. Consider your customer experiences versus the digital giants and their powerful, always on digital experiences, and decide for yourself if your customer engagement is evolving fast enough.
Watch Nick’s presentation titled ‘ Creating powerful digital customer experiences ‘