Insurtech 2021

#Insurtech 2021: 27 & 28 July: 09:00 – 13:30 

Join us for two days of round table debates to challenge the way we think about insurance and technology.

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About The conference

Session 1: Searching for the soul of the industry

Are we moving away from the traditional insurance concept of risk sharing and will each insured eventually end up paying for their own, precisely quantified risk, leaving many uninsured, or have we always been doing this, albeit in a much less sophisticated way? Has insurance lost it’s way? Think again.

Session 2: When Ecosystems Collide – Opportunities Abound

Exploiting the full insurance ecosystem is now paramount to success, especially partnering with technology providers. However, leveraging technology ecosystems to integrate with consumer ecosystems is where the secret sauce to outperforming lies. Insurance is sold, not bought? Think again?

Session 3: Insurtech – Think Again

The term insurtech is understood to be an insurance startup with an app providing end-to-end insurance or a plug in technology solution to improve one or other process in the insurance value chain. How should we approach digital transformation to ensure holistic and sustainable benefits? Think again.

Session 4: Alternative Distribution goes mainstream

​Technology has unlocked the vault to inclusivity and increased penetration across the continent. From the smallest personal item through partner collaboration to previously uninsurable groups using parametric insurance, we now have the ability to spread the value of insurance, more than ever. Insurance penetration stuck? Think again.

Session 5: Bite size insurance – A future of choice

With radical lifestyle changes and an increasing drive to underwrite risk according to very specific needs, COVID-19 has accelerated innovation focused on highly flexible technology and building systems with an open ended future in mind. Unlimited innovative opportunities has us thinking again.

Session 6: Is Technology killing insurance

Are we on the way to an environment where technology is going to allow us to manage our risks or transfer our risks so effectively that we require les and less insurance? Will insurance become so adaptable that we don’t need traditional insurance products? Think again.

Session 7: Modernisation v New Stack Build

Budget plays a big role when making decisions around technology, especially when it comes to making long term strategic decisions. To build or not to build and then, when considering modernization, answering the question whether modernization will be enough to capitalize on strategic opportunities. Cannot afford to join the new future of insurance? Think again?

Session 8: Disappearance of the Fancy App

Insurtechs paved the way with innovative use of technology to solve real life problems for consumers and improve the user experience dramatically. The large incumbents are catching up and updating their systems, processes and UX to deliver the same value and experience. If not a the fancy app, what is the future of insurance? Think again.

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