Insurtech 2020

#Insurtech 2020: March 09-10, 2020, JHB | March 12-13, CPT
Data is useless until it creates value. Moving from Demographics to Psychographics is just one result of data moving into the value stream. Putting to work all the data we collect requires much more than processing power. It requires deep insight into the whole value chain, which means that collaboration and partnerships are essential.
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Insurtech 2020 will focus on what I believe are the four pillars essential for technology to deliver end value in the local industry:

1. Platforms​

The backbone of insurtech, where we bring everything together in an organised way, designed to deliver end-value (Including API’s and Platforms) ​Learn what you might be missing?

2. Data Optimisation, Analytics & Machine Learning​

– The function of identifying, collecting, storing analysing and productively using relevant data to add useful value (Cloud, AI, RPA, Bots etc) ​Have you stepped up from processing to deep insights?

3. UX/CX​

– Pulling it all together, not just in a useful and value adding way, designing a User Experience that ensures value reached the client. ​Have you optimized your UX as a competitive advantage?

4. New Technology behind Financial Planning

​– Long gone are the days of technology in financial planning just doing needs analysis. With AI, Robo-Advice, Office Automation and Predictive Analytics taking centre stage, ​It’s a Brave New World in Financial Advice​.

This will be the 5th year we are attending the Insuretech conference. It is important for us to remain informed on the future of industry.

The cost of service delivery is always under pressure, particularly for brokers who face rising compliance costs.

The speakers have always been experts in their fields and the topics relevant to today’s broker.

Debbie Holroyd, CEO, Scottfin

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